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Bicycle as a solution to a photographer’s block

When I was an undergraduate student in Pisa, I cycled daily for my urban commute from home to the University. I found it pleasant and relatively safe. I used my mountain bike frequently and with enjoyment, but always in urban

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Close-up (detail) vs Long Shot (panorama) in Travel Photography

Abstractness may be a treasure cove for a stock photographer

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Superman salverà (anche) la scuola italiana

Ottobre è quel periodo dell’anno in cui una zucca mette in difficoltà la scuola primaria pubblica italiana. Ad ottobre, una zucca rivela la sudditanza culturale ed economica della scuola italiana, assieme alla sua scarsa autonomia. Ad ottobre, nelle scuole primarie,

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Too many signs in Great Britain

Rules, regulations, do not, please do not, mind this, mind that. Well.

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Parked vans that tell the story of a life

These photos of parked land vehicles (camper vans, motor homes) tell (or, rather, let the viewer imagine) a whole life story, that of the owner. The photos are, technically, extremely simple, and just frame a detail, unconventional and unexpected, and

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Tortelli maremmani al guardrail stradale

Casually, two recent photos of mine have a matching colour palette.

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Gli alberi di Piazza Napoleone a Lucca

È una delle piazze più belle d’Italia. La bellezza deriva dagli edifici e dagli alberi; mi è sembrato naturale fotografarli assieme.

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My first photos with an iPhone 5: Monterosso (Cinque Terre)

What a disaster can a splash of sea water be for a camera! And so it was, that I headed for Monterosso only equipped with my Nikon FM2n, only to realise, and only there, that a recent splash of sea

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Tree trunks washed onshore

I was watching this photo on flickr of a tree trunk washed onshore, when I realised that I photographed several of them already, perhaps more than I wish to remember. Here are mine.    

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Dillo coi graffiti

Family love, graffiti, Pisa (Tuscany)

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