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Equipment for photographing in a pizzeria

Packing the right gear is for me the last stage of a process where I try and understand the least I can use to get the look that I want. In the pizzeria I wanted to achieve a good backlight

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Headshot portrait in “chiaroscuro” style

Simple light scheme for a chiaroscuro headshot

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Bicycle as a solution to a photographer’s block

When I was an undergraduate student in Pisa, I cycled daily for my urban commute from home to the University. I found it pleasant and relatively safe. I used my mountain bike frequently and with enjoyment, but always in urban

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Close-up (detail) vs Long Shot (panorama) in Travel Photography

Abstractness may be a treasure cove for a stock photographer

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Neapolitan shops – I negozi di Napoli

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Naples’ busy architecture: i palazzi di Napoli

What is a «palazzo?» In Italian, we normally use the word «palazzo»  to mean large, popular, apartment blocks. This kind of architecture does not exists in the Anglo-Saxon world and the literal translation «palace» would most often sound out of

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Napoli and its old town: a short photo-essay

For my two-days trip in Napoli (Naples: I somehow dislike using the Anglo-Saxon name for this Italian town), the photographic gear choice was quite easy:  I wanted light and unobtrusive. I went for an iPhone 5 and a Fuji X-T1

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Cars parked in the street

They may have travelled for miles, they may have come from the most disparate places, often very different from the ones where we see them: cars, parked in the streets, tell interesting stories when they are framed in their environment:

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Too many signs in Great Britain

Rules, regulations, do not, please do not, mind this, mind that. Well.

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A short walk in Newcastle with my Bronica SQ-A

It was August 2012 and all I had was my Bronica SQ-A with the Zenzanon 80/2.8 PS and Portra 400. These are just four photos from that day, but I think they capture some of the local mood.

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