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Morning light for food

How I re-created in studio some natural-looking morning light for food photography.

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Come rimuovere i pesticidi dagli ortaggi che compriamo?

Il problema Lavare le verdure a casa? Perché? Come? Belli erano quei tempi, vecchi, quando le verdure si lavavano soltanto per rimuovere germi! I germi potevano esser lì (cosa brutta) oppure (il più delle volte) no. Per certi versi, i

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Tortelli maremmani al guardrail stradale

Casually, two recent photos of mine have a matching colour palette.

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My light version of the Italian “Carbonara” recipe

Ingredients Buckwheat spaghetti (“Fidelin del Moro”) or, them lacking, plain spaghetti – 250g White onion – a quarter Prosciutto crudo – ideally one 5mm-thick slice, alternatively 3 or 4 traditionally thin slices Extra virgin olive oil – two tablespoons Pecorino romano,

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Pasta e sardine

I would never recommend any lengthy pasta dish: I am lazy. And this is quick and easy, provided you have access to the right ingredients. It isn’t easy to find good, boneless and skinless sardines but, if you do, you

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The “bread” in Tesco

I noticed today that Tesco does not indicate anymore “contains flour treatment agent” on the bread. Perhaps all the types on sale are real bread: hardly! Just a step back in the path of information to the public. Bakers,

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Quick pasta recipe with cured ham – Ricetta con prosciutto crudo

Ingredients: Diced prosciutto crudo (from a thick-cut slice of Norcia’s or San Daniele’s ham), chopped chives, extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, cold linguine. Ingredienti: Prosciutto crudo a dadini, erba cipollina sminuzzata, olio, succo di limone, pepe, linguine fredde.

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About tea and old lenses

A good old Sonnar is almost as good as a trusty cuppa!

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Ektar colour palette at the food fair in Durham

These photos (taken at the last Durham food fair) show, photographically speaking: that there is no substitute to Ektar to photograph food vividly and under plain light conditions that there is no substitute to the EF 70-200 IS f/4 to shoot

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Troppo semplice per chiamarla ricetta, ma buona: fregola e piselli

I cut longitudinal strips of leeks and I made them curly and brown in some oil in my safepan. I replaced the leeks with frozen peas; added some water, waited for them to boil a couple of minutes, added salt,

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