Shitty weather e non solo

Che il tempo qui faccia schifo si sa. Rain and cold, winter and summer, all the same. Ma di questo, la gente non ha colpa: certainly the Britons are not to blame for this. Yet, their shoes? Ma come cazzo si vestono? Scarpe di pezza bianca sotto la pioggia torrenziale? Fabric shoes, white to emphasize the mud? Che presunzione, come se fossero ai Caraibi ogni giorno. Pride, too much pride, to admit the sad reality, the weather that all the money of the city cannot buy.

Holiday in Pisa and around

Having a home in Pisa means, between the other things, that you can use the town as an excellently located starting point for Tuscany and the sea.

After spending there ten days, with the photographic company of a Mamiya C220, I have now to wait for the processing (chemical and digital) before seeing the first results.

Great camera, but now I feel the URGE of handling a smaller one for a while.