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Travelling with my bulldog during the summer

Introduction: holidaying in hot weather Bulldog owners already know they deal with a difficult breed. Travelling with bulldogs is just one of those aspects of bulldog ownership that require extra attention. Having organised a trip with my Dafne, I had

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Come pulisco lo schermo del mio MacBook

Pulisco lo schermo del mio MacBook quasi come una lente di un obiettivo fotografico. Innanzitutto tolgo la polvere con un getto di aria. Poi tolgo ulteriore polvere residua con un pennello morbido, per es. quello incorporato nel LensPen per filtri

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Equipment for photographing in a pizzeria

Packing the right gear is for me the last stage of a process where I try and understand the least I can use to get the look that I want. In the pizzeria I wanted to achieve a good backlight

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The best lighting for pizza

Pizza is food so, traditionally, benefits from (moderate) backlighting. Pizza is also large and flat: a large(r) and flat light source was my choice. The Elinchrom Rotalux 90x110cm softbox, placed about 30cm above the pizza, slightly angled, was large enough

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Warm, soft light for food, with one light source

I would not call a 90x110cm Elinchrom softbox “portable”, however I set for myself the limit of one light source or when I want to shoot food outside of my studio, and albeit I tried and get the results that

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Morning light for food

How I re-created in studio some natural-looking morning light for food photography.

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Headshot portrait in “chiaroscuro” style

Simple light scheme for a chiaroscuro headshot

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Strobes in continuos-light mode for shallow-focus effect

Studio strobes can be used in continuos light mode with their modelling lamp, which obviously give a lower light output than the flashes. Besides videos, this mode can be used in combination of large lens apertures in order to have

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Cup stuck inside a mug: how (not) to free it

I do not want to advocate it is the best solution – I don’t even go as far as saying it is a solution at all. But, when all else failed, this is what I did and it worked. It

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Making toys for your own pet

Satisfaction and economy are two reasons that come to my mind to justify why I tried and make toys for my Dafne, the English Bulldog. Dogs love ropes (shoe laces as well) and although several toys that you can buy,

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